Vault Accounting

Product Design, Web Design
Scale the business with the help of a friendly, modern website to reflect their tech-oriented brand. It needs to cater to their current, smaller clients while selling their services to larger, tech-oriented businesses. The client had no brand guidelines, marketing collateral and a single logo to begin with.
After working with the founder to define visual direction and basic strategy, we chose a tech stack that could grow with the business, then built out some brand elements from their existing logo including a color palette, iconography, type and tone guidelines for copy. These informed the deliverables including a responsive website, brand strategy outline and style guide which will carry the company forward confidently into their friendly, modern and mature brand.
Simple, Modern Financial Services
Our clients want a more modern, friendly approach to their finances. They need reminders and assistance with traditional accounting obligations but they’re searching for expertise and understanding beyond that. They want to feel knowledgeable and in control without having to seek out, verify and understand the information independently.

We provide value by being accessible, thoughtful and steadfast in a confusing, often antiquated space. Working with Vault is having a high-end experience where your questions are answered and needs are attended to before having to ask. Helping to streamline clients’ financial processes from the beginning results in more time for them to focus on their business and a foundation of trust.
Designing an Accounting Experience
Most new clients are referred to Vault through current clients based on the positive experiences they have had with Tom. Going forward we want to take on larger organizations and develop a more select group of ongoing clients. Our research showed us that experience was what made the difference between firms, particularly around standard annual services like compliance. This informed how we wanted clients to feel when exploring the services available. We kept the site design simple and rooted in the "friends of friends" feel that Australian business is known for and left room for case studies to demonstrate this.
My Role
Discovery & Interviews
Brand Development
Website Design
Website Development
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Usability testing
InVision Tools
Conclusion & Impact
Vault Accounting is an Australian firm focused on financial consulting and advisory for businesses across the country. They specialize in the management of digital assets and work primarily within the tech industry.

"The look and feel of our new website and branding is great. Taking the time to create these things with Katy was a necessary task made more pleasant by her positive attitude and flexibility."
Tom Surman
‍Founder and CEO
Product Design, UX/UI