Product Design, UX/UI
How could we leverage passive communication to assure the health and safety of seniors living alone?
Conpago is a startup that received IP and funding from the Queensland University of Technology to create products based on university research about the positive impacts of passive communication in being able to combat isolation in senior citizens. They needed a minimum viable product to present to investors and potential business partners.
The MVP designs allowed them to secure funding and they are continuing into their second year of product development and trial production. They were able to demonstrate the value of their administrative systems to several of Queensland’s largest aged care providers. This lead to several agreements allowing them to conduct ongoing user testing within these communities. Conpago has continued to develop their suite of products to include wearables, robot integration and smart home hardware.
Research and Ideation
We interviewed seniors, carers, families and prospective partners in the aged care market to figure out what features needed to be prioritized. This data informed our personas, Eventually creating a system using the original research that would support our users most effectively.
Hardware Challenges
As our team worked with a limited financial runway and received grants tied to the use of specific technology, the hardware went through multiple iterations. The variations shown below go from the original research set to a lo-fi prototype I designed to test a popular version of the menu and finally to one of the current care home implementations using the Pepper robot.
Passive Communication in Aged Care
The Conpago Social Connections project is their latest partnership with aged care support provider, RangeCare.
My Role
Product definition and strategy
Low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes
High-fidelity designs and asset creation
Usability testing and validation
Regular stakeholder presentations
Coordinating the development team
Social Media Strategy

"Katy’s user centred design perspective and experience with agile development saw her contribute to multiple design iterations, helping us drive the product from initial user research through to testing a minimum viable product. She is a dynamic worker with a great aptitude for learning new skills. Her diverse background and experience across different fields meant she was able to understand the nuances of our users needs and how to best design for them."
Marley Brown
Founder and CEO
Brand Design, Web Development