Primary Design Collective

Brand Identity, Web Design
Creating a simple and unique visual brand for a community of emerging designers. We wanted the colors and shapes to be applicable across many different mediums as the collaboration grew within the collective.

What basic brand elements could represent bourgeoning design talent and be inclusive to others joining the community?
Brand elements with the potential to expand on an identity that embraces creativity through collaboration. A simple lettermark logo created with playful shapes and colors. A nod to our primary school days with visual building blocks that can be rearranged to support our different projects and initiatives. A simple landing page to explain who we are and showcase what we make!
Mood board for brand and web design.
Initial logo sketches focusing on basic shapes.
After meeting several younger designers at a conference last fall, I organized a monthly call to stay in touch. From that we decided to create an online community to support and engage each other while giving the emerging design community more visibility online. We wanted to create a website where we could showcase projects, collaborate on challenges and build a network. Working with feedback from the group I began creating the foundation for a brand identity that embraces being a beginner.
Inclusive Visual Elements
Starting with primary colors and basic shapes as building blocks for our visual brand, we aim to allow every potential community member the chance to reimagine the visuals for their own needs. Whether they want help developing their public speaking, design process or project management skills, there is space for them within the collective. We're committed to maintaining it as an inclusive, diverse space whose visuals and projects work for everyone. I began with three initial concepts and met with the group for feedback.
My Role
Logo Design
Brand Identity Design
Web Design
Project Management
Design Basics
Rubik's Triangle
Puzzle Pieces
Final Logo Marks
Conclusion & Impact

"Creating a logo for our collective helped us connect each project under a single brand identity. Katy's choice of elements representing the building blocks of education and design gave our work permission to be more playful and process-driven. "
Kyle Wilkins
Web Design, Product Design