EHG Law is an Atlanta, GA based firm providing legal services for those charged with traffic, drug or alcohol-related offences.
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Graphic Design
Brand Identity
Skills & Tools
Invision Freehand
Katy Atherholt - Creative Director, Illustrator
Zach Pousman - Visual Design


Illustration and brand development for EHG Law firm's first online course for lawyers. The brand will serve as the foundation for several future courses being developed over the next few years.

Project Goals

1. Present several directions for the law firm's brand extension for DUI Roadmaps.

2. Create a variety of logos and graphics to use on social media and in the course.

3. Document basic brand guidelines for the course's marketing team to use.

Research & Ideation

I used Invision Freehand to collect inspiration and review it with the client during a phone call. With feedback from the call I created three visual directions for the client to choose from. They chose the literary-inspired direction but requested more feminine colors.

Results & Deliverables

We created a brand identity for DUI Roadmaps including colors, patterns, type pairings and a set of graphics. These were used to create social posts, the marketing website and used extensively within the course. The course launched successfully in January of 2020.